Closing Checklist

Know Before You Close

Before Closing...

Confirm the closing time, date, and location with the escrow officer working on your case

Set up your homeowner’s/hazard insurance to being at the date of closing 

Confirm the total amount due at closing and have a plan in place for wiring the funds or obtaining a cashier’s check from your bank

***this amount may not be available until the day before closing***

Review the settlement statement, which will be provided to you prior to closing from your escrow officer or loan officer

At Closing...

Bring a valid photo ID (ex: driver’s license or passport)

Bring a cashier’s check made payable to Covenant Real Estate Services in the amount owed at closing or have the funds wired to Covenant’s escrow account (wiring instructions are available upon request)

Make sure you understand the following information:

  • How your property taxes and homeowner’s/hazard insurance will be paid
  • How your HOA fees will be paid, if applicable
  • How you will pay your monthly mortgage payments, if applicable
  • Who to contact after closing if you have any questions
After Closing...

Put all documents in a safe place

***you will receive you title insurance policy and the original deed within 60 days of closing***

Change your address (bank accounts, credit card companies, United States Postal Service, DMV, bills, etc.)