Highest-Quality Service

We Help Our Clients Achieve Their Most Complex Real Estate Goals

The mission at Covenant Real Estate Services it to provide our clients with industry-leading service. Covenant understands that each transaction is uniquely different. With the client’s specific needs in mind, Covenant works to bring all aspects of the transaction together in an accurate and timely manner.

Title Search & Research

Our in-house title examiner completes a comprehensive examination of the chain of title to reveal any hindrances in conveying clear title, such as encumbrances or liens filed against the property.  

Title Commitment & Policy Production

Our in-house underwriter issues a title commitment which promises our issuance of insurance once your property has closed. It also addresses specific defects to the title that must be addressed prior to closing.

Preparation of Settlement & Conducting the Closing

There are many documents necessary for a successful settlement, particularly if you’re obtaining a loan. Our team works with all parties to prepare and execute an accurate and timely closing.

Disbursement Services

Once all documents have been recorded, we will arrange to disburse funds as instructed.

1031-Tax Deferred Exchange

A tax deferred exchange may be an excellent option for you. It allows the taxpayer to defer the taxes owed on a property when exchanging it for another “like-kind” investment. We facilitate exchanges through our Qualified Intermediary, IPX1031.

Recordation of Transfer Documents

Following the closing, the transfer documents are recorded at the Circuit Court of the corresponding jurisdiction. We’ve implemented online capabilities to ensure your documents are recorded in a timely manner.  

Multi-Site/Multi-Parcel Due Diligence

We provide you with a competitive advantage for recruiting new clients by conducting preliminary title work to determine the feasibility of a potential project.

Construction Loan Closing/Update Services